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Supplementary/additional exercises

nigiri game

Nigiri-game (Holding jars)

Holding the nigiri-game helps you develop a firm grip. Lifting the nigiri-game towards the front and sides strengthens your shoulders and wrists. Lifting the nigiri-game towards the back helps develop your forearm muscles and improve your posture.Extend your toes and maintain your soles and toes firmly in contact with the floor as if they were […]

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Modern Canvas Makiwara

Makiwara (Striking board)

Makiwara (Striking board / Hitting post) In Okinawa it was common for the machiwara (as it is called on the island) to be used by males who were not even martial artists. Miyazato Eiichi Sensei relayed stories about his uncle who was well known in Naha as a strong fighter. Although he did not practice […]

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Chishi (Chi ishi)

Chishi (rod with heavy stone,┬áStone of power) The chishi is used mainly to strengthen your grip and wrists. The exercises with the chishi also help strengthen your elbow, shoulder and wrist joints. Exercising with the chishi also improves your reaction times through tsuki (push or punch), shuto uke (knife and block), nagashi uke (fluid block) […]

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