WTF Code of Conduct

In order to take classes at the dojo, students must have a minimum level of self-control and focus. They must be able to take simple directions and focus on one task for at least a few minutes at a time.

  1. The goal in the study of the martial arts is not to harm, but to defend one-self when attacked.
  2. HONESTY, COURTESY, RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, LOYALTY and COURAGE are the motivating values of this school and are the expected characteristics of all of our students.
  3. Understand that the skills, techniques and methods you learn here are for self-DEFENSE only. Using the things you learn here in an aggressive or offensive manner are grounds for dismissal from the club.
  4. No horseplay allowed at any time.
  5. The purpose of our training is to develop:
    1. Self-confidence
    2. Self-respect
    3. Self-discipline
    4. Self-esteem
    5. Self-defense
  6. Never teach techniques or conduct demonstrations without prior consent.
  7. Swearing, foul or perverse language is not acceptable. Courtesy means showing respect for the minds and hearts of your fellow students, and no degrading language will be tolerated. This includes swearing, taunting, and insults of any kind.
  8. Your rank signifies more than just where you stand; it indicates your level of responsibility.
  9. All students shall show higher ranking students the respect their rank deserves.
  10. It is an honor to be asked to help another student, when asked, do it with pride
  11. A student of martial arts should have courage. Courage as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary: “The quality of mind that enables one to face danger with confidence, resolution, and a firm control of oneself.”

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