Makiwara (Striking board)

Makiwara (Striking board / Hitting post)

Sosai Mas Oyama Striking Makiwara

Sosai Mas Oyama Striking Makiwara

In Okinawa it was common for the machiwara (as it is called on the island) to be used by males who were not even martial artists. Miyazato Eiichi Sensei relayed stories about his uncle who was well known in Naha as a strong fighter. Although he did not practice Karate, he regularly used the machiwara and chishi in order to make himself strong, advising the young Miyazato Sensei to do the same.

The machiwara is the number one tool for developing punching power, and learning how to link the limbs to the ground. Traditionally bound in straw and rope, modern variations use a leather pad to simulate skin over bone.

The makiwara is the “number one” tool in Okinawa. You cannot do enough with it.

Hitting the makiwara is one of the most basic exercises in karate. You can hit the makiwara using the seiken zuki, the shatei zuki or the hiji uchi. Hitting the makiwara hardens the first knuckles and the back and heel of the hand. It also strengthens the wrist. The makiwara can also be hit with your feet to develop your kicking power.
Modern Canvas Makiwara

Modern Canvas Makiwara


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