Youth Programs

Our Mission:

When-to-fight’s youth programs are designed to teach children a higher level of Honor, Discipline, Respect, Physical Fitness, Concentration, Coordination, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and a Competitive Spirit.


Belt advancement is based upon time in class and the ability to perform the  requisite skills and techniques for each belt. Generally speaking, if a student has attended the indicated amount of classes he/she will have gained the necessary skills needed at the time of each testing.


Monthly dues begin at $25/mo for all youth programs, payable the first session of each month.

Friday Youth Classes | Evening Sessions

There is a testing fee of $10-25 (depending upon the rank being sought) due at the time of testing. This fee provides the student test, a new rank belt, and certificate upon the successful completion of each test. Tests (except Little Dragon) are held on alternate months (generally the 3rd Saturday). Students are notified in advance when they are eligible to test for new rank.

What Makes Martial Arts Different From School Sponsored Activities?

Many of the benefits of a martial arts program can be achieved by involvement in other school sponsored activities, such as football, baseball or soccer. The disadvantages are that these are seasonal activities and continuity is lost once the season ends. Also, there is a tendency to do what is best for the team and therefore the more developed players receive the attention and playing time. How can a child develop confidence and self-esteem if they are sitting on the bench the whole season?

Martial arts stresses individual development and improvement, as well as, team cooperation. We are all aware that during adolescence, individuals develop mentally and physically at widely varying rates and that the once awkward youth can suddenly develop into a “star player”. (Unfortunately, this is more the exception rather than the rule.) The continuity and continued involvement in a program that is an ongoing, all year activity provides the stability of routine and focus on known objectives that the student can achieve and demonstrate to themselves and others. Students progress through the belt ranks and are able to mark their progress with each rank obtained.  In addition, to being an alternative to a standard sports program martial arts is an excellent off-season conditioning program. An individual will continue to develop physically and develop the skills to remain focused on objectives that are required to grow in any sport.

Stop The Bullying

More than 5.7 million American children are estimated to be a bully, a target of a bully or both! Martial arts is the solution for bullies because it channels their aggressiveness and anger into a healthful physical activity, discipline and a positive attitude. Martial arts is the solution for bullied children because it replaces their insecurity and low self-esteem with confidence and a greater self worth. Responsible parents encourage martial arts because it provides their children with the skills and attitude to stop bullying before it starts.

Little Dragons – Ages 4 through 7 (Friday Morning)

Our Little Dragons program is a great way to introduce children to martial arts training at an early age. This unique program has been designed to empower small children with the basics of martial arts. This class is filled with upbeat, high-energy drills with tons of encouraging praise and rewards! Children are taught basic martial art technique with a strong emphasis on the mental benefits necessary to pursue their training as they grow older.

Full Schedule

Little Dragons II – Ages 4 through 7 (Evenings)

Same curriculum as the Little Dragons program above, except this class meets twice weekly in the evening. Students can expect to advance quicker due to the extra instruction received.

KickStarts I – Ages 8 through 12 (Friday Morning)

Our system of karate was designed specifically to meet the physical and emotional needs of children. Each movement taught in our system has a coordinating mental benefit tied to it. Children will learn important life improvement  skills such as focus, respect, confidence and Self-discipline in a fun and exciting way. Each class also includes a weekly lesson involving topics such as positive thinking, stranger  danger, unhealthy peer pressure, goal setting, leadership qualities and many other important subjects.

KickStarts II (Intermediate Students) – Ages 8 through 12 (Friday Morning)

Our KickStarts II program is geared for intermediate youth students. After gaining a solid foundation of basics through the KickStarts program students KSII program receive more detailed instruction in the practice of kata, technique, sparring and grappling. These classes are more physically and mentally demanding and are designed to maximize the challenge and reward of continued martial arts study.

KickStarts III – Ages 8 through 12 (Evenings)

Beginning through Advanced Youth Students. This class meets twice weekly in the evening. Due to the addition quantity of instruction students can expect to advance quicker than those in the Friday Morning classes.

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